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BARGAIN BOXES: Welcomes Stephen

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If you wish to contact us about any aspect of the site please fill out the form below or contact us on the Live Chat pop up
if available at the bottom right of the screen.

Email: [email protected]

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Q. My videos won't upload?
A. Try just one at a time, clear browser history, try on a different computer/device.

Q. My videos freeze, jump or don't play at all?
A. Set your recording device's resolution in the settings to 1280x720 or less. You can also resize videos at

Q. A sale hasn't been registered in PURCHASES or SELLING?
A. The buyer hasn't followed the RETURN TO MERCHANT link after paying through PayPal so it doesn't register it on our system. Not to worry, Sellers: Log in to your PayPal account or check your receipt email from PayPal for buyers address. Buyers: Simply wait for your box to arrive.. The seller has been notified. If your box doesn't arrive inside 10 days, open a PayPal dispute from

Q. I cannot log in ?
A. Try FORGOT PASSWORD. Failing that, try clearing your cookies and try a different browser or device to eliminate what is happening. It you still can't log in, send us a message above we will help you.